How to turn an email into a reminder on Mac

The Reminders app on your Mac can be used for more than just typing out your own reminders. You can also use it to remind you to read or reply to specific emails at a particular time or date.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Reminders app on your Mac to remind yourself about specific emails you receive in the Mail app.

Turn email into a reminder on Mac

Before you begin: The Mail app on Mac running macOS Ventura or later already has a built-in Remind Me feature. You can use that, or keep reading to convert your email into an actual reminder.

How to turn an email into a reminder

You can do this using two simple methods.

Method 1: Drag and drop

1) Open the Mail app and the Reminders app side by side on your Mac.

2) Select the reminder list in the Reminders app and keep it on the screen.

3) Look in the Mail app’s left sidebar and select the email for which you want to be reminded.

4) Drag the email from the Mail app onto the Reminders app screen. Immediately the subject line of the email will become a reminder entry. You’ll also see a tiny Mail app icon next to it.

Drag email to Reminders app on Mac

5) Take the pointer over the newly created reminder and hit the info button ⓘ. Now, you can set the reminder date, time, and other details.

Add reminder time and date on Mac

When the reminder time comes, your Mac will send you a notification. You can click the body of the notification banner to launch the Reminders app. From there, click the tiny Mail icon, which will take you straight to that particular email.

Email reminder notification on Mac

Method 2: Select text and add it to the reminder

With this second method, you don’t even need to leave the Mail app! Here’s how to turn your email into a reminder:

1) Open the desired email inside your Mac’s Mail app.

2) Select the text inside the email body or the subject line. After that, right-click and choose Share > Reminders.

3) Hit the info button ⓘ to set the reminder time and date. You can also choose a reminder list, tweak the reminder title or add a note. With all this done, click Add.

Add email text to reminder on Mac

Congratulations! You’ve just set an email-based reminder on your Mac and will be reminded at your designated date or time.

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