Blocs Wave, ProtonMail and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

Its the anticipation of Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE event killing you? Don’t worry, we have a great list of apps for you to check out this weekend to help you pass the time. We have a new app that helps you create music, a new email client, and a new game that allows you to create your own Disney amusement park.

Blocs Wave

blocs wave

Blocs Wave is a music creation app designed to inspire new musical ideas, whether you’re an amateur beat-maker or a tenured professional. You can tweak sounds using beautiful touchable waveforms, as well as record vocals and instruments. The entire user interface was designed to help you bring your ideas to life within minutes. This app is available for $4.99.



With all of the talk these days about hacking and FBI backdoors, it’s no wonder that there’s been a rise of interest in encrypted email service ProtonMail, and its newly launched iOS client (actually, it’s been out for a while, but just became available to everyone this week). The app checks off most of the boxes for a standard email client, but it also features invisible, automatic end-to-end encryption, that ensures only the sender and recipient can read messages. This app is available for free.



In the market for a new Reddit app? Check this one out. It’s called Milkeddit and it has an impressive list of features right out of the gate. These include multiple account support, 3D Touch support, rich timelines with intuitive gestures, powerful mute filters and search, photo gallery view, and much, much more. It also offers a number of customization options, various themes, and a dark Night mode for late-night reading. This app is available for $1.99.



Talkzer is essentially Instagram, but with audio clips instead of photos. You simply post a 20 seconds audio clip to your timeline, and all of your followers can listen to it and interact with you. You can in turn follow friends, family and even celebrities, and comment on their posts with your own audio clips, creating a conversation of sorts. There is a private messaging feature, and of course you can share posts to Facebook and Twitter. This app is available for free.

Disney Magic Kingdoms


I know it might seem odd to see a Gameloft free-to-play title on this list, but Disney Magic Kingdoms has made a huge splash this week. Like a Disney-branded version of Roller Coaster Tycoon, this game allows you to create your own amusement park using popular Disney Park attractions like “Space Mountain” and characters from all of your favorite Disney movies. This game is available for free.

More apps you should check out

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