How to triage your emails more easily by enabling ‘Unread’ folder in Mail for iOS

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Apple’s Mail app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad offers various customization options which permit you to adjust which messages you see first in the mailbox list. For instance, you can add important people to Mail’s VIP list so all their messages appear in the special VIP smart mailbox.

I’m not sure why, but Mail by default doesn’t let you see all the unread messages from all accounts in one place, and that’s quite a shame.

Thankfully, you can easily show a hidden ‘Unread’ smart folder to gather your unread messages in one place.

How to enable ‘Unread’ smart mailbox in Mail for iPhone and iPad

1) Open Mail on your iOS device.

2) Tap Mailboxes.

3) Now hit the Edit button.

4) Mail will show you a list of its built-in mailboxes, smart or otherwise. Scroll down and then tap Unread further to enable the smart mailbox with unread messages.

5) Tap Done to finish making the changes.

Mail iOS 9 show Unread mailbox iPhone screenshot 002

All the unread messages from all your accounts will be automatically gathered inside the Unread inbox as they arrive. And as each message in the Unread mailbox is read, Mail will automatically remove it from the list.

Mail iOS 9 show Unread mailbox iPhone screenshot 003

Tip: While in edit mode, you can reorder your mailboxes by dragging them around. I suggest moving the Unread mailbox at the top of the list so it’s easier to access without having to scroll through the mailbox list.

Mail iOS 9 show Unread mailbox iPhone screenshot 001

Our own Andrew O’Hara has put together a nice video overview of the best email applications for the iPad, and I’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

Tip: If you want to find all unread messages from people in your VIP list, type “unread vip” in Mail’s search box.

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