How to enable Siri on your Apple TV if you live in an unsupported country

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With a dedicated Siri button on your Siri Remote, searching movies and TV shows on your fourth-generation Apple TV is simple and fun. With Siri, you can control what you’re playing, search Apple Music, launch apps and check the scores, stocks and weather using just your voice. Sadly, none of these features will be beneficial to you unless you live in a supported country.

That’s because Siri on the new Apple TV is currently available in eight countries: Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Spain and Japan. As it turns out, you can work around this restriction quite easily and start using Siri on your Apple TV like a boss, even if you’re located in an unsupported country.

Siri will work as longs as your fourth-generation Apple TV is set up with a supported language and country and uses a US-based App Store account.

How to enable Siri on Apple TV in unsupported countries

1) Go to Settings → General on your Apple TV.

2) Select Language underneath the Language And Region heading.

3) Change the language of your Apple TV to English.

4) Now go to the Settings → Accounts section and select the iTunes & App Store option right below the Apple ID heading.

5) Choose Location underneath the Preferences heading at the bottom.

tvOS Settings iTunes and App Stores Location Apple TV screenshot 0001

6) Change the location of your Apple TV’s App Store account to one of the supported countries: US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain or Japan.

tvOS Settings iTunes and App Stores Location Apple TV screenshot 002

7) Go to Settings → Accounts → iTunes and App Store and sign in with a US App Store account.

Your Apple TV should pop up a message asking if you want to enable Siri.

tvOS Settings use Siri prompt Apple TV screenshot 001

8) Choose Use Siri and you’re good to go.

To test if Siri is available, hold down the Siri button on your Siri Remote, say what you want and release the button. If you press and release the Siri button without saying anything, Siri will give you tips and suggestions. Network connection is required for Siri.

Tip: If you don’t get the prompt to enable Siri, go to Settings → General and set the Siri option underneath the Siri heading to On.

tvOS Settings General Siri enabled Apple TV screenshot 001

If Siri still isn’t available, keep in mind that it’s advisable that you reboot your Apple TV in Settings → System → Restart for the changes to take effect.

Don’t have a US App Store account?

Create one and you’ll be able to download US-only apps and games on your devices from outside the United States.

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