Get directions to home and work with 3D Touch and Google Maps

Google Maps for iOS 3D Touch Home screen actions directions home work iPhone 6s screenshot 001

As part of yesterday’s update to Google’s iPhone and iPad mapping application in the App Store which brought pit stops to navigation mode, the refreshed software has replicated one of my favorite 3D Touch features found on Apple Maps: the ability to get directions to home and work right from the Home screen.

In the new Google Maps 4.16 for iOS, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners can press the app’s Home screen icon to bring up the shortcut menu with two useful Quick Actions: Directions to Work and Directions to Home.

Before using this feature, make sure that you have defined your work and home address by tapping Settings in the side menu within the app, and then Edit home or work.

In addition to getting directions to home and work with 3D Touch, the updated app packs in bug fixes and comes with the ability to add detours to your route like gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and more.

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As I explained yesterday, adding pit stops is possible without leaving the navigation mode, which is much better than having to manually search for a pit stop and then navigate to it before restarting your original route, like before.

Google Maps for iOS pit stops teaser 001

The feature is accessible by tapping the magnifying glass at the top right corner of the navigation interface. Or, you can tap the search icon or use voice commands to search by specific name or category to find what you’re looking for. Your search results include ratings and the estimated amount of time the detour will add to your trip.

Download Google Maps at no charge in the App Store.