New Apple TV app TechTube helps you discover great tech videos


Folks in the market for a new Apple TV app that helps surface great content may want to check out TechTube TV. The app, which was released late last week, was designed to highlight videos that it believes folks will find interesting.

The video selections are geared towards techies, and feature everything from TED talks to device reviews. There is also a mix of science and ‘how things work’ videos—”the goal is entertaining, informative or intellectually stimulating.”

How does it work? TechTube pulls in videos from sources like Reddit and YouTube, and then uses an algorithm based on shares and views to surface the “best” to the top. Finally a human curator picks which videos make it into the app.

There are no menus or info screens, or advertisements for that matter. All you see after launching the app is a digital carousel of the most recently added videos. This makes for easy navigation, allowing you to quickly browse through the clips.

If you’re interested, you can find TechTube in the App Store on tvOS.