Browse viral memes and see posts that are blowing up on Vine’s new Trends page

Vine third anniversary teaser 001

Yesterday, Vine celebrated its third anniversary and launched a dedicated Trends webpage which collects all the clips that have gone viral on the service in one central place. Users can check out the original video that started the trend, see related Vines and select a growing trend.

In addition, they have collected 2015’s most entertaining Vines, remixes and collaborations at the website, including stuff like the most-looped Vine of Year 3 and posts that sparked some of the biggest trends of the year, such as What are Those?, Why You Always Lying? and Duck Army.

The Trends on Vine page highlights some of the most bizarre, funny and entertaining stories that have blown up, like On Fleek, Simony Dance and many more.

“What you see today is just the beginning,”reads a notice by the company posted on the first version of Trends on Vine.

A month ago the service rolled out a new For You personalized channel in its mobile app, filled with Vines “you won’t want to miss” created by accounts you may not follow. To check those out, just tap a new section at the top of the app which will point you to the new channel.

Source: Vine