Spotify links up with Genius to annotate your music

Spotify Genius teaser 001

Spotify today announced it is partnering with Genius (not to be confused with iTunes Genius), to annotate your music. Genius is the crowdsourced musical knowledge startup that annotates music lyrics and other online content and Spotify is betting that this new feature will help retain its competitive edge over other music-streaming services.

Available at launch via a limited number of tracks through special playlists—called Behind the Lyrics and curated by Spotify and Genius—this feature adds backstory and commentary which pops up as you play tracks on Spotify.

They are launching this with the “Behind the Lyrics (Hip-Hop)” playlist, but only for desktop and iPhone users. Just tap ‘Play’ on this Genius-powered playlist to learn more about your favorite artists and songs.

“Expect the Genius treatment on much more music you love soon,” said Spotify.

Spotify Genius teaser 002

Rich content for songs includes lyrical excerpts, fun facts, annotations and stories from the artists and the Genius community, “all of which are frequently updated.”

As mentioned, the Behind the Lyrics experience is available on desktop and to all iPhone users with the exception of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. “We will be rolling the experience out on other platforms soon,” said Spotify.

Screenshots courtesy of The Verge.

Source: Spotify