Apple has reportedly slowed hiring of Geniuses at its retail stores

Geniuses, the fine folks at Apple retail stores that are supposed to know all the ins and outs of the company's latest devices in an effort to help with any troubleshooting needs a customer might have, are a staple. They've been around for so long, it's just an expectation to get help from a Genius when you set up an appointment to get a device fixed or otherwise checked out. But it sounds like Apple is slowing down on hiring this particular member of the staff.

How to use Genius Playlist and Shuffle in Music on Mac

Genius Playlist and Shuffle in Music on Mac

Genius isn’t a new feature in the Apple Music app. But if you’re new to Music or just picked up your first Apple device, Genius is new to you.

This handy feature helps you discover songs in your music library. You can create a Genius Playlist which compiles tunes that go well together for a fantastic mix. Or you can use the Genius Shuffle feature which simply plays songs that sound good together based on the tune you pick.

The Genius Playlist and Shuffle features give you a nice and easy way to hear your music assembled just for you. Here’s how to use Genius in the Music app on Mac.

Spotify links up with Genius to annotate your music

Spotify today announced it is partnering with Genius (not to be confused with iTunes Genius), to annotate your music. Genius is the crowdsourced musical knowledge startup that annotates music lyrics and other online content and Spotify is betting that this new feature will help retain its competitive edge over other music-streaming services.

Available at launch via a limited number of tracks through special playlists—called Behind the Lyrics and curated by Spotify and Genius—this feature adds backstory and commentary which pops up as you play tracks on Spotify.

iTunes TOS amended with Touch ID, Popular Near Me clarification

In another sign of the imminent iOS 7 release, Apple has just released iTunes 11.1 for Mac and Windows with support for iOS 7 devices and installations, also bringing out new features like iTunes Radio, Podcast Stations and Genius Shuffle.

As part of the release - and consistent with Apple's history - the company has updated the iTunes Terms & Conditions. The document has been amended with additional information regarding authenticating your account for purchases and automatic delivery of app updates, in addition to the previously unknown tidbits about the App Store's Popular Near Me feature...

BMW adopts Apple’s Genius model to educate car buyers

If there is one consumer experience needing updating, it is that trip to an auto sales floor. Too often, the salesperson can only provide potential buyers with the most basic information. Luxury automaker BMW hopes to change all that, using Apple's Genius model to answer consumer queries.

Part of the BMW Genius Everywhere program to launch in the U.S. in 2014, young people armed with iPads will roam the automaker's showrooms even before the sales staff get down to clinching the deal. The company becomes just the latest hoping to ignite more sales by taking a page from Apple's wildly successful Geniuses who provide unassuming assistance and educate consumers on Apple gear...

Apple now offering personalized online support service

Apple Store Geniuses are some of the most recognizable employees in the industry. Where as most retailers have moved to phone tech support, Apple takes pride in its in-store helpers.

So much so, in fact, that it's starting to offer the personalized support to online shoppers as well, meaning customers can now get Genius-level help without ever leaving their house...

Apple Stores reportedly readying local iCloud backups for iOS devices requiring replacement

A new report out yesterday alleges that Apple is working on an interesting new solution for Geniuses at its retail stores that would bypass the need for tethered desktop iTunes or wireless iCloud backups for people seeking iOS device replacements.

The solution would let Geniuses to quickly and effortlessly backup your entire iPad, iPhone or iPod touch prior to the device exchange process. Likewise, Geniuses would later on be able to easily move that data back onto the replacement devices.

The solution is reportedly being prototyped at Apple’s top-secret Apple Store labs near the company’s Cupertino, California headquarters...

Apple Pushes Out New Genius Feature to Apple TV

As noted by AppleInsider, Apple has quietly pushed out a tiny update for its Apple TV. Users will notice a new 'Genius' option on the Apple TV menu when browsing through movies or TV shows.

The Genius feature has been available on iTunes for years now, helping folks discover new music based on their previous purchases. And now Apple TV owners can use it to find new video content...

The iPad Gets the Genius Treatment

Apple just brought the Genius feature to the iPad. Similar to the way it works on iTunes or on your iPhone, turning Genius on will generate a list of applications you might be interested in.

Additionally, Apple added an "iPad Upgrades" section. This is basically versions of apps you have on your iPhone that are now compatible with the iPad.

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