How to disable ‘Shake to Undo’ on iPhone and iPad

“Shake to Undo”, a motion-sensing feature that lets you undo and redo typing and other actions. On your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, it was very popular back when iOS gained copy and paste commands. It was, in many ways, the iPhone equivalent to the Command + Z keystroke on Mac.

A remnant of the past, its origins trace back to the iPod nano’s “Shake to Shuffle” feature for shuffling songs by shaking the device from side to side.

But not everyone is fond of physically waving their iPhone around to undo their involuntary actions, especially if you tend to shake your device by accident. Besides, Shake to Undo makes little sense on iPads, especially with iPadOS’ dedicated Undo and Redo buttons on the iPad keyboard.

In this post, we’ll show you how to disable Shake to Undo with a few taps.

How to turn ‘Shake to Undo’ off

You’ll find the setting for Shake to Undo in the Accessibility area of your iPhone’s Settings app.

1) Open Settings on your iOS device.

2) Go to the Accessibility section, scroll down to Physical and Motor and pick Touch.

3) Set the Shake to Undo switch to the OFF position.

Disable Shake to Undo on iPhone

“If you tend to shake your iPhone by accident, you can disable Shake to Undo to prevent the Undo alert from appearing,” reads the description.

For those wondering, Shake to Undo requires a functioning accelerometer sensor to detect physical motion of the device.

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