Apple Music integration with Sonos now available as public beta

Apple Music Sonos integration teaser 001

As promised, Apple Music is available on Sonos wireless speakers from today, marking the first official third-party integration of Apple’s subscription-based music service.

Available as a public beta, the feature lets you access select Apple Music features on wireless speakers by Sonos, including custom playlists through the For You and New features and Beats 1 radio. Of course, you can also play any song from your Apple Music catalogue through your Sonos speakers.

To access the beta feature, point your browser at and sign in with your account. This is a public beta so expect things to go awry from time to time as Sonos continues to smooth out a couple of rough edges.

“The beta isn’t the final product,” cautioned the company, “but it’s a really good preview, with most of the features already in place. We’ll be making some small adjustments throughout the beta period, so be prepared for slight changes and improvements.”

Search, for example, is limited to a hundred results for the time being. You also cannot use the official Sonos app to add songs to your Apple Music library as this feature isn’t ready for prime time yet. Lastly, you cannot listen to archived shows from Beats 1.

How to get on the beta

To join the public beta, follow the steps outlined bellow:

Step 1: Open the Sonos app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap Settings then Advanced Settings.

Step 3: Tap Beta Program.

Step 4: Now Tap Join the Beta Program.

Step 5: Update your Sonos system. The Update Now prompt may take up to 15 minutes to appear but you can tap Online Updates in the Settings menu to update immediately.

Step 6: Add Apple Music from the Add Music Services menu.

As Sonos noted, support for Beats 1 marks the first time the radio station has been made available outside Apple Music on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

The final version of Apple Music support on Sonos will be ready in early 2016.

Source: Sonos