Tim Cook shares ‘Just Say Hi’ video message for Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Tim Cook Cerebral Palsy Foundation video message teaser 001

Apple CEO Tim Cook has joined the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, an initiative dedicated to transforming lives for people with cerebral palsy through research, innovation and collaboration.

In an interesting video message posted to the foundation’s website, Cook can be seen conversing with Siri as he invites people to ‘just say hi’ to those whose lives have been affected with cerebral palsy.

“Inclusion inspires innovation and communication is the key,“ Cook wrote in a tweet accompanied by a link to the foundation’s website and the hashtag #JustSayHi.

Here’s Cook’s video message.

“It’s a joy to have Tim Cook add his voice (and Siri’s) to our campaign. Tim’s combination of keen mind and kind heart is displayed every time that he communicates his vision to the world,” reads the foundation’s website.

“We’re thrilled that his outreach now includes the ‘Just Say Hi’ campaign.”

To take part in the initiative yourself, check out the official website linked below and download the official campaign app for the iPhone to see what celebrities and others think about disabilities.

Source: Tim Cook, Cerebral Palsy Foundation