Twitter announces Digits-based logins coming to Apple TV apps

Twitter Digits for tvOS image 002

Hot on the heels of Facebook’s release of an SDK for tvOS which lets developers create apps with Facebook Login based on eight-digit security codes, Twitter today announced bringing a similar feature of its own to the set-top box.

Digits, Twitter’s own login and verification system based on phone numbers and verification codes, is coming to tvOS. This means that developers can now start writing Apple TV apps that users can log into by entering a short alphanumeric code in Safari on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

The problem with tvOS is threefold: it has a cumbersome software keyboard, lacks a voice-based input method (or a decent iOS remote app) and doesn’t support web views and login methods that rely on oAuth, which many social logins depend on.

After a Digits-enabled Apple TV app displays a unique six-character alphanumeric code on your TV, you simply enter the code on via your computer or iOS device, which authorize the app to your account.

Twitter Digits for tvOS image 001

I hate passwords, especially when I must enter them using the Apple TV’s ridiculous software keyboard spanning two full-width lines. I wish more apps supported these code or SMS-based logins (or iCloud logins) because having to log in to all my apps every time I set up an iOS or Apple TV device as new is really tiring.

Digits for tvOS can be downloaded through the latest Fabric for Mac app. Twitter has complete documentation on Digits for tvOS here.

Source: Twitter