AT&T to increase price of grandfathered unlimited data plans in February

AT&T Chicago store (interior 001)

AT&T is going to announce a price hike for its grandfathered unlimited data plans early next year, reports CNBC. The outlet announced the news on Twitter this afternoon, saying it has learned that the carrier plans to increase the price from $30 to $35 in February.

The move is unsurprising, given that Verizon announced earlier this year that it’d be raising the price of its own grandfathered unlimited plans, and the two carriers tend to follow each others leads. AT&T’s price bump is significantly less though, at just $5 versus $20.

The amount of people affected by this should be relatively small. Verizon said in October that less than 1% of its subscribers has an unlimited plan, and AT&T likely has similar numbers. Also, those under contract would likely not see the price change until after it expires.

This is just the latest in an ongoing effort by the two carriers to eradicate the unlimited plan, which they stopped offering years ago. AT&T has in the past attempted to throttle unlimited customers, but it later walked back on the policy after getting pushback from the FCC.

Source: CNBC