Verizon raising price of grandfathered unlimited data plans by $20 in November

Verizon Wireless store (interior 001)

Verizon on Thursday announced that it will soon be raising the price on grandfathered unlimited data plans by $20. As noted by CNET, this will bring the monthly price tag of unlimited data to $49.99 per month, which is in addition to the standard talk and text plan, and the change is set to take place in November.

The amount of people affected by this move should be relatively small. Verizon says that less than 1% of its 100+ million subscriber base still has an unlimited plan, and those that do still have one and are currently under contract from a previous phone purchase won’t likely see the price hike until the contract expires.

This is just the latest push in an ongoing effort by Verizon to eradicate the unlimited plan, which it stopped offering years ago. The carrier has in the past attempted to throttle unlimited data customers, and forced them to buy devices at full price, but it has backtracked on both measures due to pushback from the FCC.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Commission has to say about this, because you have to think if it gets away with it, AT&T isn’t far behind. “There are options out there that don’t involve unlimited that may be a better fit for you,” a Verizon spokesman said, without saying how much data unlimited subscribers average.

The price change goes into affected November 15.

Source: CNET