The best iPhone 6s charging docks

We’ve been working hard all year to track down popular and usefull accessories for your iPhone 6s (we started on the iPhone 6). The reason we provide these spotlight posts is to give you a better breadth of knowledge of the types of accessories that are out there for you to choose from.

Today, we’ve got an accessory roundup of what we think are some of the best charging docks for your iPhone 6s from the products we’ve spotlighted over the past year. If you don’t see your charging dock of choice on our list, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

HiRise Deluxe

HiRise Deluxe

Twelve South is one of our favorite accessory makers around here. The company’s HiRise charging dock appeals to our minimalist aesthetic. The Deluxe model is specially designed for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus model, as well as the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. It has a machined dial and adjustable clip at the charging port so you can charge your device with or without a case. It comes with a removable Lightning cable (and microUSB cable) that is nicely hidden inside the stand. It is available in silver, black or gold for $60 on Amazon.

Mophie Lightning Desktop Dock

Mophie makes a stand that is universally compatible with all Lightning port iPhones up to the iPhone 6s thanks to its wide docking rest. It has a heavyweight bottom, but a very small footprint. The connector is on a pivot to allow for a range of cases. The cord is only 3.5 feet long, so keep that in mind when deciding what to buy. It is available on Amazon for $80.



Sinjimoru makes a unique and minimalist looking stand for the iPhone 6s that has a circular theme. It features a removable adapter so you can use it with a different charging cable for a variety of smartphones. It is sturdy enough to hold an iPad mini in place while charging and is specially designed to allow you to rest your handset in landscape mode, although you can’t charge it in that position. It comes in black or silver and is available on Amazon for $20.

RND Power Solutions


Some people use a thick case to protect their iPhone 6s. I can’t judge. I understand the desire to keep your smartphone from breaking. However, thick cases oftentimes make it difficult to use with accessories like a charging dock. This dock was specially designed to fit most thick cases, so you don’t have to remove your iPhone to charge it. The dock’s Lightning pin extends outward by 22mm, so if you have a case with a slim port, this may not fit. Keep that in mind when shopping around. It comes in black, white, pink, and purple and is compatible with all Lightning connected handsets, including the iPhone 6s Plus. It is available on Amazon for $30.

Belkin Charge and Sync

Belkin is a trusted name for iOS accessories and its minimalist charging dock is part of the group. It is ultra slim, with a footprint the size of a credit card, with a specially weighted base to keep your device from falling over. It fits with any handset with a Lightning port, including the iPhone 6s Plus, but has a very specific connector. So, it won’t fit with a lot of cases. Check the specs before buying. It comes in silver, black with blue, pink, green purple, and red with white for $20 on Amazon.


The DuoStand by Orzly is the only one on our list with Apple Watch compatibility. Personally, I’ve still not seen the perfect Apple Watch stand, but this one is a nice compromise. It is made from aluminum and has a special arm on the backside that fits the Apple Watch charging cable perfectly. There is also a hole at the base of the stand, so you can display your iPhone with the charging cable hidden out of sight. It comes in black, silver, gold, and rose gold and is available on Amazon for between $13 and $20, depending on your color preferences.

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