The best screen protectors for iPhone 6s

For nearly a year, we’ve been spotlighting a variety of accessories for the iPhone 6, and subsequently the iPhone 6s. We write these posts to bring you information on what is out there to help you figure out what is best for your needs.

This is an accessory roundup of what we consider to be some of the best screen protectors for your iPhone 6s based on what we’ve been showing you over the past years. If your favorite screen protector isn’t on the list, please let us know what you use in the comments section.


This tempered glass screen protector has a 9H hardness to protect against screen cracks and scratches. It is 0.33mm thick and has an Oleophobic coating to resist excessive fingerprints. The base model, which does not cover the rounded edge of the iPhone 6s is clear and costs $10. There is also an edge-to-edge model in black or white, which does cover the entire screen for $13. The iPhone 6s Plus version costs $13, as well.


Not everyone is on board with the tempered glass trend. If you are a traditionalist, or just don’t think tempered class screen covers are worth the money, TechMatte’s AmFilm screen protector is a super low-cost protector. It has four protective layers, acrylic, scratch resistant hard coating, optical laminate, and a silicone adhesive, which makes it easier to remove without leaving behind any residue. It comes with an installation kit, which is a series of rubber bands and special tabs. The package includes three screen protectors for only $6. There is also a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for the same price.

Ballistic Glass

Similar to JOTO, this 0.3mm screen protector is made from tempered glass and has a hardness rating of 9H. One thing that makes Tech Armor stand out is that it provides a lifetime warranty on cracks. If your screen protector cracks, they will replace it for free, for life. The base model costs $10. There is an edge-to-edge model with a black or white frame for $15. There is also a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for $11, with the edge-to-edge model costing $15.


Another tempered glass addition to the market comes from JETech. This one, like its competitors has a 9H hardness rating. It has a fingerprint and halo effect resistant coating and measures just 0.3mm in thickness. This is the least expensive brand on our list at only $7. You can get even deeper discounts by getting a two-pack for $9, or a three-pack for $11.


Easily the most interesting screen protector on our list is this smart version, which adds navigation buttons on your iPhone 6s’ bezel. The navigation buttons, which sit at the bottom of your device, are connected with a thin, invisible wire to a circuit at the top of your screen. So, you can hit the back button, write a tweet, and other actions that you would normally have to reach up to the top button for. It costs $10. There is a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for $11.

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