The best screen protectors for iPhone

Need a new screen protector? You’ve come to the right place. Combining our years of personal experience and countless hours of research, we’ve put together a roundup of what we believe are the best iPhone screen protectors on the market.

Some notes before we get started

Screen protectors are thin sheets of glass or plastic that stick to your electronic device’s display to keep nicks, scratches and fingerprint smudges at bay. Plastic is a lot less common these days, as they are nowhere near as durable or effective as glass. The tempered glass screen protector features a 9H rating on the Moh scale of hardness (refers to high scratch resistance level), has some kind of oleophobic coating to protect against fingerprints, and comes with an installation frame for super easy application (although you still have to watch out for dust). The idea is that if you drop your phone on a hard or sharp surface, the glass screen protector cracks instead of your actual touchscreen.

While glass screen protectors can take a short time to get used to (they are thicker and heavier than their plastic counterparts), they typically don’t effect touch sensitivity and don’t prevent you from using your favorite case.

Onto the best screen protectors for iPhone.

Best all-around iPhone screen protector

The best all-around category is our top and easiest-to-make recommendation. When making this pick we considered factors like features, ease of install, customer reviews and price point. Here is the best screen protector for iPhone.

amFilm OneTouch Glass

best iPhone screen protectors

AmFilm has been in the iPhone screen protector game for several years now, and it’s to see why. Their OneTouch screen protector hits on all the criteria we were looking for: it’s made of quality glass, comes with a tool for easy installation, and it has great customer review history on Amazon. The price was also a factor in our pick, as it comes in a few bucks cheaper than the completion.

Plus: comes with two screen protectors.

Buy for iPhone 13/13 Pro $12

Also available for iPhone 13 Pro Max and other iPhone models

Best privacy screen protector for iPhone

What is a privacy screen protector? It darkens your phone screens from certain viewing angles, making it harder for strangers to peer over your shoulder. We looked for one that offers good privacy, direct clarity (so your screen’s not too dark for you to see it), and of course good screen protection. Here is the best iPhone privacy screen protector.

Spigen EZ Fit Privacy

best iPhone screen protectors

Spigen’s EZ Fit screen protectors are so good, they were our runner-up pick in the best all-around category. So naturally we like their privacy option. It’s of course made of tempered glass, comes with an easy install tray, it’s case-friendly, and it darkens all the right viewing angles to keep prying eyes out of your business.

Plus: 2-pack package includes 2 separate screen protectors

Buy for iPhone 13/13 Pro $18

Also available for iPhone 12, as well as various other iPhone and Android models

Best budget screen protector for iPhone

Most screen protectors are already really affordable, but if you are looking for the cheapest, viable option, this pick is for you. Here is the best budget screen protector for iPhone.

Ailun Glass Screen Protector

best iPhone screen protectors

For our budget pick, we went with Ailun’s glass screen protectors. They are half the price of your average 2-pack of protectors, but they include three, so your per-glass cost is even lower. In addition to the price, we also like the customer review history here, with an Amazon rating of 4.7 stars on nearly 12K reviews.

Plus: comes with three screen protectors.

Buy for iPhone 13/13 Pro $7

Also available for iPhone SE and various other iPhone and Android smartphone models

Best premium screen protector for iPhone

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this pick is for those looking for a top shelf screen protector who aren’t too worried about the price tag. Here is the best premium screen protector for iPhone.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Elite Privacy

best iPhone screen protectors

ZAGG InvisibleShield glass has long been a staple in the Apple accessory space, and their Elite Privacy screen protecters hit all the criteria for the premium category. It has 360-degree privacy, 5X impact protection and ClearPrint tech—a surface treatment they claim is miles ahead of the completion in protection against fingerprint smudges.

Plus: you only get 1 protector here, but it is protected by a lifetime warranty.

Buy for iPhone 13/13 Pro $58

Also available for other iPhone models

Bonus Pick: if you don’t like the privacy feature or the ZAGG’s high price tag, we also like this $25 screen protector from Nomad

Best iPhone case with built-in screen protector

Again, all of the screen protectors listed above should work well with your case of choice. But if you’d prefer to just get a case with its own screen protector built in, this pick is for you.

Red2Fire 360° Full Body Protector

This case from Red2Fire was an easy pick for this category. It’s affordable, gets great reviews and of course it features a built-in screen protector. We also like that the screen protection is not just some paper-thin after thought; it’s literally a snap-on part of the case.

Plus: while the case isn’t waterproof, it does cover all of your ports and buttons to keep out dirt and dust, and it has military grade drop protection.

Buy for iPhone 13/13 Pro $16

Also available for other iPhone models