Belkin’s Charge and Sync dock has a small footprint and a large range of compatibility

Belkin Lightning Charger iPhone 6

Sure, you can plug your iPhone into any old USB adapter and throw it on the table (or couch arm or floor) and it won’t matter what position it is in while charging. But, if you want your iPhone on display while it charges, you’ll want to look into a dock.

Belkin makes a minimalist style charging dock that takes up very little space on your desktop while it provides the juice you need to get your battery to 100 percent.

The dock is super slim. Its base dimensions, including the weighted backside, is only slightly larger than a credit card. It has a Lightning USB four-foot cable so you have a decent amount of length.

It is compact enough to fit into your suitcase or backpack, but sturdy enough to allow you to connect to an iPad mini without falling over. The dock is Apple MFi certified to continue working, even after new updates to iOS in the future.

The Lightning charger connection is specifically designed to help carry the weight of your device while it charges. Therefore, many cases will not fit without modification. Basically, if your speakers and headphone jack are exposed while in your case, you’ll be fine. If not, you may have to remove your iPhone 6 from its case in order to charge it.

The dock is designed to fit any device with a Lightning port, so you can charge your iPhone 5, all the way up to your iPhone 6s Plus.

Belkin’s Charge + Sync dock is available on Amazon for $20. It comes in silver with black, or blue, pink, green, purple, or red with white.