RND Charging Dock for iPhone works with rugged cases

RND iPhone 6 charging dock

If you use a particularly thick case to protect your iPhone 6, one of the most difficult things to find is a charging dock that will allow you to keep the device in the case. RND Power Solutions makes a charging dock that is specially designed with extra space around the base to so you can charge your iPhone 6 without having to remove it from the case.

The base is small, only extending past the iPhone 6 a little. The weighted bottom allows for proper balance and easy removal. It features a removable base cover that extends compatibility for thicker cases.

The Lightning plug extends out so you have even more room. The plug swivels forward and back for extra room on the backside of the base. The backside has a small wall that reaches up so you can rest your iPhone against it while charging.

It comes with a three-foot micro USB cable that can be connected to a wall adapter or computer. When connected to a computer, the MFi-certified port will sync your iPhone properly.

RND iPhone charging dock

While this dock is designed to support rugged cases, the Lightning plug is limiting. Some cases have a port cover that is only as thick as the widest part of Apple’s Lightning cable. This charging dock’s pin extends outward by 22mm once past the pin port. So, if you are using a waterproof case with a very small charging port cover, it may not work. Be sure to check the dimensions of the charging port of your case against the width of the dock’s Lightning charger plug before making a purchase.

RND’s Apple-Certified USB dock comes in black, white, pink, and purple. Because of its universal design, it is compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. It is available on Amazon for $30.

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