Swarm by Foursquare brings expanded 3D Touch gestures, plus new Always, Nearby or Mute settings

Swarm 3.4.1 for iOS 3D Touch Home screen shortcuts iPhone screenshot 001

Foursquare’s dedicated location check-in app, Swarm for iPhone, was among the first third-party apps to implement support for 3D Touch, allowing you to quickly check-in to places simply by pressing the app’s Home screen icon firmly and choosing the Check In shortcut.

In its most recent update that launched in the App Store today, Swarm brought out expanded support for 3D Touch gestures with Peek and Pop on other people’s check-ins.

This edition of Swarm also includes expanded mute options and lets you earn even more virtual coins when you add certain stickers to your check-ins.

New muting options

You can now customize how often you’ll receive notifications from your friends’ check-ins with all-new Always, Nearby or Mute settings.

Swarm 3.4.1 for iOS iPhone screenshot 002

“So set your best friends to ‘Always’ while your annoying co-worker gets the ‘Mute’, explains the firm. New muting options are available under Settings or on your friends’ profile pages, as depicted on the screenshot above.

3D Touch Peek and Pop

If you own an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you can now press on a friend’s check-ins to quickly access more info about that place, like this.

Swarm 3.4.1 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

Dragging your finger upward while Peeking reveals a pair of options at the bottom that allow you to see detailed place information or view the place in the Foursquare app.

As for Foursquare’s main iOS app, it recently overhauled the interface on iPads and enabled 3D Touch support with Home screen shortcuts and Peek and Pop gestures on directions, places, search results and more.

Bonus coins

Swarm puts a strong emphasis on the gamification of your check-ins. Basically, every check-in made through the app earns you virtual coins.

In the refreshed app, bonus coins can be earned by adding certain stickers to your check-ins. For instance, try using your Joey Beans coffee sticker next time you check in at a coffee shop, or the Famous Ray sticker at your next pizza place.

Swarm 3.4.1 for iOS iPhone screenshot 003

Foursquare hints that this is just the first step in some “big and exciting changes coming to Swarm.” Maybe they’ll be treating us to perks when we check-in to certain places?

Time will tell..


Swarm requires an iPhone with iOS 8.0 or later.

The app is localized in English, Catalan, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.

Download Swarm for free from the App Store.