How to downgrade iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2

Downgrade iOS 9.1

Maybe it was the new emoji that tempted you? Or maybe you just made a mistake? Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself on iOS 9.1, but wish to go back to iOS 9.0.2—the last jailbreakable firmware that’s currently available for iOS 9. Fortunately, you still have time to downgrade back to iOS 9.0.2.

In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to downgrade from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2. But act quickly, this tutorial certainly has an expiration date, which will occur when Apple closes the 9.0.2 signing window.

Note: before you begin, check to see if Apple is still signing iOS 9.0.2. You can do so via If Apple is no longer signing iOS 9.0.2, then you will not be able to downgrade.

Step 1: Backup your iPhone vis iTunes or iCloud.

Step 2: Download the iOS 9.0.2 firmware for your device.

Step 3: Connect your device to your Mac or PC running iTunes.

Step 4: On the summary page for your device, click the Check for Update button while holding the Option Key (Shift for Windows).

Step 5: Select the 9.0.2 firmware file that you downloaded in Step 2 and click the Update button

iTunes will then “update” your device, which is really just a downgrade back to iOS 9.0.2.

What if you are running an older version of iOS that predates iOS 9.0.2? You can upgrade directly to iOS 9.0.2 using this same method. Again, the common thread is that Apple must be signing iOS 9.0.2 for this to work. Once the signing window is closed, you’ll be forced to the latest signed firmware. At the moment, the latest signed firmware is iOS 9.1.

Once you downgrade to iOS 9.0.2, you can use our jailbreak tutorial for iOS 9 to jailbreak your device.

Are you planning on downgrading?