Jailbreak tweaks of the week: the floodgate is wide open

Tweaks of the week pangu

Talk about timing! As we were discussing the next best thing after jailbreaking on the last episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, Pangu Team came out once again out of nowhere to surprise us with a release of their own. It seems the jailbreak drought is over and we can officially open the floodgates again. 

AppPlus for Snapchat: brings a bunch of enhancements to Snapchat (free)

BreadcrumbsAway: removes iOS 9’s “back to app” link (free – review)

CleanAMRC: lets you customize AMRC Reddit client (free)

DisableRTL: disables the right to left frame layout in iOS 9 (free)

EasyRespring: lets you easily restring from the App Switcher (free)

Enable Left Spotlight: brings Spotlight to the far left screen on iPhone 4s (free)

EnableLivePhotos: enables Live Photos on unsupported devices (free – review)

Forcy: adds 3D Touch-inspired gestures to older iOS 9 devices (free – review)

HideIgnoredUpgrades: hides ignored upgrades in Cydia (free)

HideSettings Search: hides the search feature in Settings (free)

NewsOfTheWorld: unlocks Apple News app everywhere (free)

NoMoreMoments: removes the Moments tab in Twitter app (free)

RevealMenu: brings some 3D Touch features to older devices (free – review)

RevealNV 9: Android-inspired swipe animation for Notification Center (free)

SharePro: adds a floating Share button  to your screen (free)

ShowALLChanges: shows all changes in Cydia (free)

SpotlightBeGone: disables Spotlight (free – review)

SwitcherBadges: adds badges to apps in the App Switcher (free)

Wallpapgur: rotates random wallpapers sourced from Imgur (free)

WAQuickReply Enabler: enables native Quick Reply on WhatsApp (free)

Xenok: lets you customize and add items on the Springboard (free)

My picks of the week are EnableLivePhotos, Forcy, and RevealMenu. What are yours?