Tweaks of the week: is this the beginning of a drought?

Cydia nothing

I’ve been doing these weekly jailbreak tweaks roundups for several months now, and it seems to me this is the most uneventful one to date. Not only there isn’t much new on Cydia, but what’s new isn’t that groundbreaking either. Is it the beginning of a tweaks drought?

ApnHistory: shows the history of your push notifications (free)

CCSwipeActivator: adds Control Center swipe up/down gestures for Activator (free)

FullyCharged: adds an icon to the Status Bar when your device is fully charged (free)

MicrophoneRouting: lets you specify the microphone you want to use to record a video (free)

SBIconAlpha: set transparency for app icons (free)

SquareDots: changes the Home screen page dots to square dots (free)

Superslam: makes John Cena appear on your screen via an Activator gesture. Sigh! (free)

Universal Mute: mutes the media volumes when the ringer is muted (free)

My pick of the week would be ApnHistory. What is yours?