How to add f.lux-like screen gamma settings to a non-jailbroken iPhone


Gamma Thingy is a new app available on GitHub from developer Thomas Finch. It allows non-jailbroken iPhone owners running iOS 9 to change their screen gamma values for f.lux-like functionality. What’s remarkable about this little app is that you don’t need to be jailbroken to run it, and it works system wide.

Lots of users like f.lux, because it makes viewing a backlit screen in less than ideal lighting conditions easier on the eyes. I use f.lux on my Mac, and it makes working at night more tolerable. I also use f.lux on my jailbroken devices from time to time.

Gamma Thingy can be installed on your iPhone running iOS 9 today via a simple sideloading process. Check out this post to learn what’s required.

Gamma Thingy

To use Gamma Thingy, all you need to do is sideload the app via Xcode 7. Once Gamma Thingy is installed on your iPhone, you can launch it to adjust the gamma values via a simple slider, and enable automatic color changing based on a start and end times.

Gamma Thingy

To sideload Gamma Thingy, visit the app’s GitHub page and follow our sideloading tutorial for iOS 9.

Gamma Thingy is nowhere near as complex or robust as f.lux, but it’s a good stopgap until we have a jailbreak for iOS 9. Once a jailbreak is available, it’s just a matter of the guys at f.lux making their jailbroken version compatible with iOS 9.

Note, there’s also a 3D Touch gesture for the app icon that lets your quickly enable or disable the gamma changes. Thanks to Jake in the comments for pointing this out.

Gamma Thingy 3D Touch

Again, be sure to check out our side loading tutorial if you wish to give Gamma Thingy a try. Let me know what you think in the comment section down below.