Misaka project expands to support Apple Watch

Misaka for watchOS banner.

We’ve been following the Misaka project ever since it was just a MacDirtyCow exploit-based hack and add-on package manager, but since then, it has grown to support the Kernel File Descriptor (kfd) exploit, add support for installing TrollStore, and even more recently, add support for customizing the Apple TV.

How to side-load the unc0ver jailbreak with Xcode on macOS

If you rely side-loadable jailbreak tools such as Chimera, Electra, or unc0ver, then it’s important to understand the plethora of ways you can install them on your iPhone or iPad. While methods such as AltStore, Cydia Impactor, and third-party signing services like Ignition and iOS Ninja are some of the most popular, many tend to forget that you can use Apple’s own Xcode development platform on the Mac to accomplish this task.

The Xcode method came in clutch for me countless times when Cydia Impactor stopped working for an extended period and when all the best signing services had been revoked; to make matters worse, my handset's iOS version was too old to run AltStore. With that in mind, we’ll be sharing the Xcode method in this tutorial for fellow jailbreakers that find themselves in similar predicaments down the road.

Saurik says Cydia Impactor “Xcode 7.3” error fix could come mid-December

Saurik made a rare public appearance on Twitter Tuesday afternoon to discuss the future of Cydia Impactor and a particularly frustrating error that users have been experiencing since Apple pushed some of its latest software updates for Mac and iOS.

More specifically, Saurik talked about an error in which Cydia Impactor would tell users that they needed to upgrade to Xcode 7.3 when they were trying to side-load a pertinent jailbreak app, such as Chimera, Electra, or unc0ver. That message looked something like this:

Geosn0w releases OsirisJailbreak12, an incomplete ‘developer-only’ “jailbreak” PoC for iOS 12.0-12.1.2

Wednesday saw two separate jailbreak tools (Electra and unc0ver) pick up support for iOS 11.4.x, so one might be inclined to say that it’s been a decent day for the jailbreak community. But wait… there’s more!

Wednesday evening, hacker and software tinkerer @Geosn0w announced the release of an incomplete ‘developer-only jailbreak’ for iOS 12.0-12.1.2 dubbed OsirisJailbreak12. The work was made possible by the tfp0 exploit that was just recently unleashed by security researcher Brandon Azad:

How to find the UDID of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

Get iPhone XS UDID

With the release of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, Apple has changed the way you can get the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) of these specific models.

In the past, you could easily find a UDID by plugging the device into your Mac, and clicking several times on the Serial Number until it showed the UDID. At the time of writing, this is not possible any longer for these specific devices.