How to stop Photos from automatically launching when plugging your iPhone

stop photos from launching

Since I updated my Mac to the latest macOS version, the Photos app has decided to automatically launch every time I plug my iPhone in my computer for charging. This is kind of an annoying behavior which I’ve quickly taken care of in the past for iPhotos and iTunes. Here we go again, this time with Photos.

My first instinct was to go to Photos preferences panel, but nothing helpful could be found there. Then the obvious hit me.

If like me you don’t want Photos to open on its own every time you connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, there is a simple thing you can do.

Stop Photos from opening when you plug your iPhone in your computer

Step 1: In Photos, click on your plugged in device in the sidebar to select it. As you can see on the screenshot above, my iPhone 6s is the device plugged into my computer over USB.

Step 2: In the upper left corner of the screen, uncheck the box that says “Open Photos.”

If you have several iOS devices, you will have to repeat the process for each of them, but after that, Photos won’t open when you plug your device in your Mac. Obviously, if you want to revert the behavior, go back in the app and check the “Open Photos” checkbox.

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