New in iOS 9: Lost Mode switches on Low Power Mode automatically

The new Low Power Mode option in iOS 9 allows users to eek out more battery life by disposing battery draining features such as parallax effects, throttling down CPU performance, and disabling background app refresh. In all, Low Power Mode can provide users with up to 3 additional hours of battery life.

In iOS 9, Apple is allowing Find My iPhone’s Lost Mode, a mode that lets you to mark your iPhone as being lost, to use Low Power Mode at the same time. By doing so, lost iPhones have an even greater chance of recovery due to being able to stay on for a longer period of time. Lost Mode

To use Low Power Mode with Find My iPhone’s Lost Mode, there’s nothing you need to configure or change on your end. Lost Mode will automatically invoke Low Power Mode when invoked, just as you see in the screenshot above. When the iPhone is recovered and Lost Mode is turned off, the iPhone will automatically exit Low Power Mode.

This change is one of those obvious changes for the good, and it just makes sense. Why shouldn’t iOS do everything it can to extend the life of your iPhone and provide a better chance for recovery?