Samsung now paying iPhone users $200 to switch

Samsung Ultimate Test Drive 2

Samsung is offering some extra goodies to people interested in participating in its Ultimate Test Drive program which seeks to persuade iPhone users to test-drive the Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note5 or Galaxy S6 edge+ for 30 days in exchange for just one dollar.

Now the South Korean company is tempting would-be switchers with $100 of Google Play credit for buying apps, media and other content and an additional cheque for $100 if they traded in their iPhone to their carrier or retailer, as per AndroidCentral.

After signing up on Samsung’s promotions webpage, you’ll need to fill out your purchase details and send Samsung a photo of your receipt. You will then be emailed a code for $100 in Google Play credit.

And provided you traded in your iPhone, Samsung will treat you to a $100 cheque on top of your trade-in offer. “According to the fine print, as long as you purchase one of the three eligible phones by December 31, and redeem by January 1, 2016, you’ll be able to snag the offers,” notes AndroidCentral.

By upping the ante on the Ultimate Test Drive program, Samsung is clearly looking to steal some of Apple’s thunder ahead of the September 9 ‘iPhone 6s’ launch.

The South Korean conglomerate’s mobile devices arm recently unveiled a fifth-generation Note phablet with an improved S-Pen (with a major design flaw) and a larger Galaxy S6 edge smartphone with a 5.7-inch screen curved on the edges.

If you feel like taking the new Galaxy phones for a spin, visit the official Ultimate Test Drive website via the Safari browser running on your iPhone, select your current carrier, the Galaxy model you wish to test, register with Samsung and provide delivery and credit card information.

The Ultimate Test Drive is basically a 30-day rental period, not unlike carriers who offer a 14-day return policy allowing customers to return any smartphone after 14 days, no questions asked.

Has Samsung sweetened the deal with $100 in Google Play Credit and an additional cheque for $100, do you think? And more importantly, will you take the bait?

Source: AndroidCentral