Samsung to iPhone users: come test drive our newest phones for just a dollar

Samsung Ultimate Test Drive 2

As first noted by Engadget, Samsung is so confident that iPhone users will find its newest smartphones compelling enough to switch, that it’s letting iPhone users test drive them for 30 days for just a buck.

Coined “The Ultimate Test Drive”, Samsung, doing its very best T-Mobile impression, is letting current iPhone owners take the Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note5, or Galaxy S6 edge+ for a 30-day spin.

All you need to do is visit Samsung’s The Ultimate Test Drive website via the Safari browser running on your iPhone, select your current carrier, the Galaxy model you wish to test, register with Samsung, and provide delivery and credit card information.

By registering, you’re more than likely opening yourself up to all sorts of future marketing strategies, but if you really want to test drive one of Samsung’s new phones, this is probably one of the easiest ways to do so.

Ultimate Test Drive Samsung

Samsung notes that the test drive is basically just a 30-day rental period, and it’s only available to those over 18 who are legal US residents. Those who sign up must currently use an iPhone and have an active wireless data account.

It’s clear that many people will likely try this promotion with no intention of ever switching over, but Samsung is banking on helping more than a few testers make the permanent switch. Samsung is making it easy by including an activated SIM card with your phone of choice, along with instructions outlining how to get the most out of the test drive.

Either it’s really confident that it has the better product and switching will seem like a no-brainer, or its desperate. Or, perhaps it’s a combination of both.

What do you think of Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive Promotion? More importantly, will you take the bait?

[Source: Engadget via MacRumors]