Ruby Run: Eye God’s Revenge will have you running for your life

RubyRun 1

With the endless runner genre filling up the App Store with new skins on old mechanics, it is always nice when a game throws something different into the mix. It keeps the category fresh. Ruby Run: Eye God’s Revenge is an endless runner that lets you shoot things along the way. Running, jumping, and ducking are no longer the only skills you must have.

Players control a feisty hero that has decided it would be a smart idea to steal a giant ruby. Just like what happens when Indiana Jones decides that an artifact belongs in a museum instead of its original resting place, the gods are angered at this desecration.

RubyRun 2

The Eye God activates a laser that chases your young cosmonaut across a landscape that can best be described as an interstellar construction zone. There are blocks, wood planks, and lots of hard-working green skinned followers that get in your way. You can either jump over them, or shoot them into oblivion to get them out of your way.

Along with trying to get the highest score by running the furthest, players collect rubies that appear at random places throughout the levels. Be careful. If you accidentally shoot a ruby, it will turn to stone.

Rubies are used to purchase new and interesting guns that provide a variety of different ammunitions. For example, the Apocalypse Gun destroys everything in range, which might not be such a good thing if it destroys those precious rubies you are after.

RubyRun 3

The game also provides a number of different ways you can earn rubies without having to collect them. For example, you will receive a free gift simply for playing the game. Sometimes the gift comes after a few minutes, other times it takes longer to earn your reward. Gifts are usually a large number of rubies, which you can use to unlock a random gun.

You can also purchase a specific gun for $0.99 if you don’t feel like waiting until the right one comes up for free.

Ruby Run: Eye God’s Revenge is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

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