How to export Spotify playlists and import into Apple Music with Stamp

Stamp Spotify Apple Music

It’s definitely not perfect, but there is a new option for importing Spotify playlists into Apple Music. An Apple Script app called STAMP (Spotify to Apple Music Playlist), by developer Bartosz Hernas, uses automation to try to massage your exported playlists into Apple Music. Does it work?

Note: You’ll need the latest version of iTunes to use this tool.

How to export Spotify playlists into Apple Music:

Step 1: Go to the Stamp website

Step 2: Click the Exportify link to be taken to Exportify and login with your Spotify account

Step 3: Export the playlists (.CSV) that you wish to import into Apple Music

Step 4: Download the Stamp app, and run it

Step 5: Point to the exported CSV file from Exportify

Step 6: Wait as the App searches Apple Music and attempts to add each song one by one

If you have a big playlist, it’s a long and arduous process, but at least it’s automated. I didn’t have a very good success rate (less than 50%), but when it was able to find the songs, Stamp was able to add them to the My Music tab in iTunes with no problem.

I imagine that most will probably have a pretty good success rate. I guess it depends on the music that you have, and the search queries used. Perhaps some of the songs listed in Spotify are listed slightly different in Apple Music.

How did Stamp work for you?