You can now watch Apple’s WWDC 2015 keynote on YouTube

wwdc 2015

It’s taken a week, but Apple has finally uploaded this year’s WWDC keynote to YouTube. The replay has been available as an embedded video on Apple’s website, but it required that you be on a device with QuickTime installed to watch it.

So folks who missed Apple’s WWDC keynote last week, or would just like to watch it again, things have just been made much easier. You can now view it within YouTube’s desktop or mobile web app, or via the native mobile YouTube app.

This was an interesting keynote, to say the least. Apple kicked off the event with a lengthy celeb-filled comedy sketch, and kept things light throughout the entire presentation. It’s a little bit long, but it’s worth checking out if you have the time.

If you want to get caught up on all the WWDC 2015 happenings, but don’t want to watch the video, we have an excellent recap of the event here.