How to attach iCloud Drive documents to emails

Attach Document to Mail Updated

Starting with the release of iOS 9, Apple introduced a standalone application called iCloud Drive. The app acts a document folder of sort, allowing you to access your document created from various applications and stored in iCloud. And with that, you can easily attach documents from iCloud Drive to emails.

How to attach documents from iCloud Drive to an email

Step 1: Open the Mail app and create a new email.

Step 2: Tap on the email body once to bring up the action menu. Tap on the right arrow until you see the Add Document option.

Step 3: Tap Add Document. This will take you directly to iCloud Drive, from where you can select what document you want to attach to your email.

Step 4: Select the document you want and it will be attached to your email. If necessary, repeat the process for each document you want to attach.

Step 5: Finish up your email and hit the Send button. Your document will be sent along with the rest of your email.

Attach Document to Mail iCloud Drive Updated

Being able to easily send email attachments without any sort of silly workaround was definitely a nice addition to iOS when the iCloud Drive feature was introduced. What are your thoughts?