New iOS 9 features Apple didn’t mention today

new iOS 9 dev features

During Apple’s WWDC keynote this morning, it offered up a preview of iOS 9. It discussed a number of major new features in the upcoming OS update, including a smarter Siri, improved Maps and better battery life.

But as usual, there are a number of new features in iOS 9 that Apple didn’t really talk about today. The slide you see above gives you an idea of what some of those features might be.

  • OCR accessory setup
  • Search extensibility
  • Audio unit extension
  • VPN plug-in extension
  • Swift 2
  • Map customization
  • Direct document
  • UI testing in Xcode
  • Notification actions
  • Third-party notifications
  • Sensor profile
  • App thinning
  • Motorized windows profile
  • Flyover and Walkthrough
  • New Health data types
  • Code coverage
  • Gaming APIs
  • Automated shades profile
  • Layout guide
  • Shortcut Bar
  • Object-oriented Contacts
  • New multitasking APIs
  • New HomeKit profiles
  • iCloud open in place
  • Home security profile
  • Storyboard references
  • App transport security API
  • Stack view
  • Wireless CarPlay
  • HomeKit iCloud remote access

Sure they briefly talked about some of these things on stage, such as Wireless CarPlay and Swift 2, but a lot of them went unmentioned. Most of these additions are aimed at developers, but they will still have an impact on users through third party apps and games.

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