How to manage and customize watch faces on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Face Features Complications

The watch face is what you will see the majority of the time while using your Apple Watch. After all, regardless of all of the cool things that it can do with apps, glances, and the like, it’s still a digital watch in its most basic form.

That said, the Apple Watch is one of the deepest watches that you can by from a feature standpoint. Even when it comes to something as simple as a watch face, things veer from the shallow.

In a previous post, we showed you how to change your Apple Watch face. In this post, we’ll discuss more basics and teach you how to manage and customize watch faces.

All the watch faces features

Features, also referred to as complications, are special functions that allow you to display more information on your watch face in addition to the time. As you’ll see, there are many features available on the Apple Watch, but some features are only available on specific Apple Watch faces.

Here is a list of all of the watch face features available on the Apple Watch thus far:

  • Weather
  • Date
  • Moon Phase
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Stocks
  • Activity
  • Alarm
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Battery
  • World Clock

How to add features to the watch face

To add a feature to a watch face, you must be using a face that supports features. Some faces, like the Motion or X-Large face don’t support features.

Step 1: Force Touch the screen while on the watch face

Step 2: Tap the Customize button

Apple Watch Face Customize

Step 3: Tap on the section that you wish to customize, and it will be highlighted with a green box

Step 4: Use the Digital Crown to scroll through and select a specific feature

Step 5: Press the Digital Crown again to accept your changes

Note that you may need to swipe between pages on the watch face if applicable. Some watch faces allow you to customize things like color on the first page, while allowing you to customize features on the second or third page.

How to create a new watch face

You can build a new watch face using templates based on pre-existing watch faces.

Step 1: Force Touch the screen while on the watch face

Step 2: Swipe left until you see the New button

Step 3: Tap the New button

Apple Watch Face Add New

Step 4: Use the Digital Crown to move through existing templates

Step 5: Tap on the template that you wish to use and it will be appended to the end of your list of available watch faces

You can then customize the new watch face without the changes touching an already existing watch face of the same name. This is a pretty handy feature to use if you want two watch faces of the same type with different features.

How to delete a watch face

Any watch face can be deleted, including the ones that come bundled with your Apple Watch by default. To delete an Apple Watch face, do the following:

Step 1: Force Touch the screen while on the watch face

Step 2: Swipe until you find the watch face that you wish to remove

Step 3: Swipe up on the watch face that you want to delete

Apple Watch Face Delete

Step 4: Tap the Delete button

For more information on the Apple Watch, watch faces, complications, and the like, be sure to visit our full guide on Apple Watch.