Take a sneak peek at Spotify’s new experience with Running, activity-based playlists and more

Spotify new experience iPhone screenshot 001

An iDownloadBlog reader has sent in a number of gorgeous screenshots of Spotify’s major iPhone revamp. The software was just released to Spotify’s beta testers a few hours ago ahead of its impending public release.

You may have heard Spotify stepped on Apple’s toes with the announcement of new media types like news, video and podcasts, along with a flurry of feature additions like activity-based playlists, a cool Running feature and more.

With that in mind, we urge you to take a look at the screenshots included below and see for yourself how the new Spotify experience on mobile looks like.

A Running feature uses six music tracks specifically designed for running, which then automatically changes the composition based on your run. It will first roll out to iPhone users globally.

Additional running experiences through the Nike and RunKeeper apps are arriving later this summer. As can be seen below, the app will prompt you to start running in order to detect your tempo.

Spotify new experience iPhone screenshot 003

In addition to original running compositions, Spotify Running takes into account recommendations based on your listening history and multiple-genre playlists. These tracks are seamlessly transitioned and matched to your step.

Spotify new experience iPhone screenshot 004

Pretty cool, if I might add.

Amongst newly added media types such as TV shows (but no music videos) and podcast, Spotify now features specially curated radio shows presented by artists including Icona Pop, Jungle and Tyler the Creator.

With activity-based playlists (see below), Spotify is looking to unseat Beats Music as the undisputed champion of curated music. These playlists revolve around various activities and auto-play when selected so you can instantly decide if you like what’s inside.

Spotify new experience iPhone screenshot 002

“Music is moving away from genres,” said Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. “People don’t search for Hip Hop or Country anymore, but rather they search around activities or a particular experience.” Algorithms combine your listening history with your age, location and the time of day to deliver playlists that best reflect your current activity.

Spotify new experience iPhone screenshot 005

The new Now start page serves you the right music day and night.

This feature learns what you like in order to feed you the right music, selected from Spotify’s in-house experts as well as from your personal collection. These recommendations will adapt over time to fit your taste and mood.

Spotify new experience iPhone screenshot 006

Are you looking forward to Spotify’s upcoming revamp?

And is the new Spotify experience with podcasts, TV shows and features like Running and activity-driven playlists going to give Apple and its iTunes an even better run for its money, do you think?

Hat tip goes to iDownloadBlog reader Arian for sending in these images.