How to sync playlists and listen to music on Apple Watch without iPhone


You can sync a playlist that you create in the Music app on iPhone to your Apple Watch and listen to songs when the iPhone is out of range. You can also remove playlists from the Watch at any time.

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to sync a playlist to Apple Watch, find the playlist on your wrist, and enjoy your synced tracks through wireless headphones or speakers.

How to sync your playlist to Apple Watch

You can stream any song residing in your iPhone’s library to the Apple Watch, or play it directly on the phone. But in order to listen to music when the iPhone is out of range, you must first sync some music to your Apple Watch.

1) Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2) Scroll down to and tap Music.

3) Under Playlists & Albums, tap Add Music.

4) On the Select Music screen, tap Playlists. Now tap the playlist you want to sync to your Apple Watch.

Add Playlist to Apple Watch

Note: Your Watch must be connected to power and within range of your iPhone, as you’ll see on the Music screen along with a “Pending…” and then “Waiting…” message at the top. Once the sync begins, you’ll see the progress on the Watch app screen as the songs continue to update.

Music to Apple Watch Pending Updating

How to find the playlist on Apple Watch

1) Open Music on your Apple Watch.

2) Tap Library > Playlists.

3) Select your playlist and start listening!

Access Apple Watch Playlist

Note: Before you can listen to the synced playlist, you’ll need to connect your Apple Watch to Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Help, synced playlist won’t play on Apple Watch!

Do you have a wireless headset or speaker?

If not, you won’t be able to listen to music through the Apple Watch speaker. You can find some pretty inexpensive Bluetooth headphones online. Note we hand-picked a great selection of Bluetooth headphones.

To pair your wireless headphones with your Apple Watch, first put them in the Bluetooth pairing mode using the instructions that came with them. Next, go to Settings > Bluetooth on your Apple Watch.

After a few seconds, your Bluetooth headphones should appear on the list of nearby devices. Choose them and enter a passkey or PIN, if prompted. Again, you won’t be able to listen to songs on your Apple Watch without a wireless headset or Bluetooth speakers.

How to remove a playlist from Apple Watch

Removing a synced playlist from your Apple Watch is also easy.

1) Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap Music.

2) Tap Edit on the top right of the Music screen.

3) Tap the minus sign next to the playlist and then tap Delete when it appears.

4) Tap Done.

Edit Apple Watch Playlist

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