Court rules iPhone looks can’t be protected, adjusts Samsung’s $930 million penalty

Apple vs Samsung (Apple before and after iPhone)

Monday, The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said it’s ruled that Samsung violated Apple’s design patents but did not infringe on the Cupertino firm’s trade dress intellectual property.

As reported by Reuters, the appeals court has now reversed part of Apple’s $930 million verdict versus Samsung, ordering that the penalty be adjusted accordingly.

“We therefore vacate the jury’s damages awards against the Samsung products that were found liable for trade dress dilution and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion,” the ruling states.

The $382 million awarded for trade dress dilution will have to be reconsidered by the lower court. Once the trade dress claims are removed from the judgement, Samsung’s $930 million penalty stemming from its 2012 patent infringement lawsuit with Apple is likely to be reduced.

Apple originally leveled a total of four trade tress violations against Samsung, including a design for a rectangular product with four evenly rounded corners, another one for a flat, clear surface covering the front of the product, then one for a display screen under the clear surface and finally a fourth assertion dealing with a dock at the bottom of the display.

Trade dress refers to a trademark on how a product is packaged or presented.

The appeals court’s full decision is available on Scribd.

Source: Reuters