Glass Planner makes getting things done easier

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Planning out your life can be a serious task. That’s probably why there are so many organization apps available in the App Store. Everyone has a different way of keeping track of projects and goals. Different features are important to people for a variety of reasons.

Glass Planner is a new task manager that combines your calendar with your to-do list so you can keep track of everything you need to do in life, every day. Don’t just make plans. Make planning work for you.

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This app is mainly a calendar. All items you add, whether it is an appointment or a grocery list, will be added to the app with a date. There are three categories for items, Plan, Act, or Done.

The Plan section gives you an overview of everything you need to get done on whatever day you’ve selected. Items are added in the Plan section. When you add an item, you will be able to categorize it as a task, appointment, or calendar note.

Tasks can be single to-do items, like “take out the garbage,” or more detailed lists, like “Grocery shopping” with a sub-list for items you need to buy. Tasks are scheduled with a target date that will simply carry over to the next day if you don’t get it done by the target.

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Calendar notes allow you to add special items like birthdays, vacations, and more. This quick-add feature lets you update important calendar items without taking too much time creating them.

In the Act section, all of your daily items are reorganized into a task list with only the day’s appointments and tasks that can be completed today. Items are listed by priority and all other items are hidden so you can stay on target.

The app syncs with your iCloud calendar so everything you’ve been adding to your Calendar app on iOS will automatically show up in Glass and vice-versa. You can organize items further by adding tags and grouping them according to location or context.

Glass is available for free. However, there are even more features that are available as in-app purchases, including unlimited checklists, customizable themes, and more. Download it in the App Store today.

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