Athlete shows off Apple Watch with custom red Sport Band and folding charging plug

Apple Watch with red Sport band Will Carling 001

With such a high-profile launch of a new-category (fashionable) gadget on its hands, little wonder Apple is admittedly enlisting help of the world’s top fashion editors, celebrities and athletes in an unprecedented attempt to position the gizmo in the public’s consciousness.

The latest in celebrity Watch signings came via British professional rugby player and captain turned cyclist, Will Carling.

Earlier today, Carling on Twitter showed off his stainless steel Apple Watch sporting what appears to be a bespoke red Sport band.

By the way, somebody tell Carling that he’s wearing the bottom band upside down, as evidenced by the M/L sizing mark clearly showing in the photo.

Some folks pointed out that the lighting conditions could have affected the quality of Carling’s photo, causing the similar looking pink Sport band to appear reddish. For what it’s worth, the athlete’s tweet does exclaim he likes “the red band.” Other commenters are putting their money on a vague possibility of a (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch edition.

In yet another tweet this morning, he shared a photo of a smart plug for the Watch with a unique folding solution for each prong so it’s more compact when carrying around.

It’s designed for use in the United Kingdom.

Apple Watch UK plug Will Carling 001

Seems so obvious once you see it, doesn’t it? Needless to say, it’s not the same power adapter found in Watch boxes shipped in the United States and elsewhere.

The athlete claims that Apple’s design tzar Jonathan Ive himself presented him with the folding charger. He, however, refused to comment whether Ive gifted him the Apple Watch with a custom red Sport band as well.

Ive, known for his muscular physique, grew up in England and used to play rugby in secondary school. Carling was the former captain of England’s national rugby team from 1988 to 1996.

Two days ago, Carling tweeted out this image.

Apple Watch with black Sport band Will Carling 001

Apple’s pre-launch Watch hype is in full force.

Earlier this week, an assistant of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld took to Instagram to share an interesting looking photo depicting an Apple Watch Edition with the gold Link Bracelet. That particular strap is nowhere to be found in Apple’s official Watch lineup that the firm markets to the general public.

Karl Lagerfeld Apple Watch Edition

As we reported this morning, Apple is at the Salone Del Mobile Design fair in Milan, Italy, allowing attended to explore and try on the Watch. The company is displaying the device in rows of glass-topped tables found inside the Carlo e Camilla restaurant in Segheria, to a rather dramatic effect.

Apple Watch display Salone Del Mobile Design photo 001

Other boutiques and pop-up shops in Paris, London and Tokyo are showcasing the device ahead of its April 24 launch, too. The Cupertino firm began taking pre-orders for the Watch on April 10.

A mere few hours later, it sold out as shipping times on Online Apple Stores began slipping to as far as June.

Source: Will Carling