Fast Toggles 2, now with twice as many toggles and Yosemite support

Fast Toggles 2 4

The makers of the original productivity bundle Fast Toggles has just recently launched a brand new package with additional functions to make your daily computing actions a few steps easier.

Fast Toggles 2 is a file download package for Mac that is filled with quick button shortcuts for such things as Dark Mode, Do Not Disturb controls, and seven-pass erase for your trash folder.

The package, which is available from the developer website, includes 24 Mac-compatible toggles. Each one covers a specific function like opening Dropbox in Finder, running a Time Machine backup, and quickly hiding all open applications and documents with one click.

There are a couple of toggles that are specifically designed for OS X Yosemite, like turning Dark Mode on or off and turning Do Not Disturb on or off.

Fast Toggles 2 5

There are also a few new toggles that add a bit more productivity value to the package. For example, you can turn your Dashboard on or off, and trigger your screen saver, plus a few more I’ve already mentioned above.

After downloading the package, you’ll want to follow the included instructions for how to install the toggles. There are a couple of additional steps you must take to get them set up, like allowing apps downloaded from anywhere and adding the toggles to your accessibility controls.

You can either drag the main Fast Toggles folder to your dock, or select individual toggles to keep there instead. This may be a better option if you only use one or two of the functions.

Fast Toggles 2 1

Each toggle will show up as a separate app in Launchpad, but you can easily store them in a folder to keep them from taking up so much space. The real convenience is in having Fast Toggles in your dock where you can access every function with two clicks.

Fast Toggles 2 is normally priced at $19.99. However, to celebrate the launch, the entire package is available for a few more weeks for only $3.99. You can purchase the bundle directly from the company’s website today.

What do you think of Fast Toggles 2? Did you use the original version?