Modern Combat 5 goes free, gains MFi controller support, new multiplayer, Support soldiers, more

Modern Combat 5 1.2 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

In addition to going free for the first time (regularly a $4 value), a barrage of new features have been added to Modern Combat 5 in a brand new Spring update to Gameloft’s excellent war shooter (an App Store Best of 2014).

Now available in the App Store, Modern Combat 5: Blackout version 1.2 finally supports ‘Made for iPhone’ game controllers, both form-fitting and extended variants.

There’s a brand new multiplayer mode available called Zone Control in which you must capture and defend areas to boost your score. Other improvements include new weapons and character classes and additional character customization.

Another surprise, aside from the price drop: all the current players are getting Veteran status, with unlimited energy for life — and some other goodies like 200 credits and Veteran-exclusive kills sign and camo — as a thank you for their support.

The all-new Support class is designed to give your team backup. Support soldiers will drop medical kits to heal allies, boost your own stats and permit your teammates to respawn from the last spot.

Each class now has an extra weapon tier and Support class gets a new Light Machine Gun weapon category. New character customization features include weapon camos, a bunch of new masks, skills, kill signs, and solo/squad logos.

Modern Combat 5 1.2 for iOS iPhone screenshot 002

Modern Combat 5: Blackout 1.2 highlights:

New soldier class: Support

  • Combat skills include:
    • Heal: drop a health box that heals himself and nearby allies for a period of time.
    • Purge: debuffs like EMP, Slow and Flashbang have reduced durations.
    • Bloodlust: healing starts after performing a kill and is amplified.
    • Solid Grip: stability increases the more you shoot the weapon.
    • Emergency Reload: increased reload speed when below 15% ammo in clip.
    • Endurance: player’s movement is increased when using a light machine gun (LMG).
    • Synergy Perk: players who die within a certain area around the Support will get the option to respawn on their death spot.

New Weapon Class: the Light Machine Gun (LMG)

  • Used by the Support class.
  • Slightly higher rate of fire than the submachine gun and delivers slightly more damage than an assault rifle, but has lower accuracy than all the other weapons.

New weapon tier

  • 6th tier weapons now available for all weapon classes

New multiplayer game mode: Zone Control

  • Based on capturing zones placed in certain areas of each map.
  • The team that manages to secure a zone starts to score points.
  • To secure a zone, a team member needs to stay a certain amount of time in that particular zone.
  • More teammates in the zone shortens the time needed to capture it.
  • If an enemy enters the zone, the capture progress resets.
  • The more zones you secure, the more points you get and the shorter the way to victory

MFi controller support

  • Standard, formfitting and extended controllers.

New character customization options

  • Such as weapon camos, masks and perks, solo and squad logos & kill signs

Server updates

  • New servers in different geographical locations will help decrease lag and provide a better multiplayer experience.
  • A player’s internet connection remains extremely important, but our server split will provide the basis for more fluent multiplayer gaming.

As for the switch to free-to-play, it’ll give the game a much longer shelf life while allowing Gameloft to invest more in the long-term update plan and in the servers which need to support a significantly larger player base.

Moder Combat 5 Blackout 1.2 for iOS Support soldier

“One thing we’re not messing with is the competitive balance players have come to expect in Modern Combat,” said Valeriu Ispir, Product Manager for the French games maker.

The 723.6-megabyte update is free for existing players.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is available free in the App Store.