screenshot mouse cursor

As you might imagine, I take an absolute ton of screenshots on a regular basis. These screenshots aren’t just limited to iOS either, as I take many on the Mac as well.

Occasionally, I like to include the mouse cursor on my Mac screenshots. By default, the cursor is generally omitted with the popular screenshot keyboard shortcuts, but there is an easy way to make sure that the cursor is included when needed.

How to show the mouse cursor in screenshots

Step 1: Open Preview.

Step 2: Go to File → Take Screen Shot → From Entire Screen.

Preview screenshot countdown timer

A countdown timer will appear. Ensure that you have your screenshot properly composed before the timer hits zero. Once it does, a screenshot will be taken and automatically opened in the Preview app. Most importantly, the screenshot will include the mouse cursor.

You can also use the utility—an old school tool that’s been around since the NeXTSTEP days. It, too, includes an option for taking timed screenshots—perfect for including the mouse cursor.

Although this isn’t something that I need to use all the time, it’s very handy to have in my back pocket when I need it. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to include the mouse cursor in the screenshots you take, then I believe that this is one of the best ways to do so.

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