How to show the ~/Library folder on Mac

Go to folder library

By default, the ~/Library folder is hidden on Mac. This is a folder that Apple feels you shouldn’t need access to most of the the time, but occasionally, you may need it for specific things. I use it often to view the preferences for the apps I have installed on my Mac. I also use it to access the Application Support folder, which as its name alludes to, features supporting files for apps.

If you use a Mac for a long enough time, you’ll eventually run into a situation where you’ll need to access the ~/Library folder. This video tutorial will show you several ways to do just that.

Use Finder’s Go Menu

Step 1: Open Finder

Step 2: Click Go → Go To Folder…

Step 3: Type ~/Library and click Go

Use a quick shortcut from Finder’s Go menu

Go menu library

Step 1: Open Finder

Step 2: Hold Option (⌥) and Click Go

Step 3: Click Library

A permanent Finder solution

show library folder mac

Step 1: Open Finder

Step 2: Click Go → Home

Step 3: Click View → Show View Options

Step 4: Check Show Library Folder

The Library folder should now permanently show inside of the Home folder

There are, of course, many other ways for showing the Library folder, but these are three of my go-to methods. Do you have any tips or tricks that you’d like to share with regard to the Library folder? If so, sound off down below.