Gameloft releases Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 for iOS iPhone screenshot 002

Last night, French games maker Gameloft released Dungeon Hunter 5, a new installment in its Diablo-like mobile RPG series. Previewed back in January, the iPhone and iPad hack ‘n’ slash game features single-player campaign through five realms and numerous dungeons.

If you’d rather play with friends, you can enjoy action in co-operative gameplay mode, engage in daily and weekly events or challenge friends in asynchronous multiplayer.

This dungeon crawler picks up where its predecessor left off.

Set in the land of Valenthia, Dungeon Hunter 5 has you saving the mortal realms from darkness.

“After stopping the demon invasion in the Kingdom of Valenthia, the world remains shattered, crumbling at its very core – destruction and desolation seeping from its wounds – but even when we try to rebuild, things never go back to how they once were,” Gameloft teases.

Watch the launch trailer embedded below.

Compared to its predecessor, Dungeon Hunter 5 offers new monsters, characters and weapons such as dual crossbows, as well as online dungeons, combos that are easier to perform, new character classes like Sentinels and Imps (comparable in savagery to a Wolverine) and more.

As you could imagine, Dungeon Hunter 5 doubles down on in-game content so there’s plenty of action, loot and customization to keep you glued to the screen. Graphics engine, as the screenshots and videos attest, is capable of rendering intricate details, taking full advantage of Apple’s latest A7 and A8 mobile processors.

Dungeon Hunter 5 for iOS iPhone screenshot 004

Another interesting aspect of the game is its new multiplayer feature.

Each player basically gets their own hideout and minions and can raid each other. To raid other players’ dungeons, you’ll need to avoid their cunningly disguised traps and defeat their minions before facing them off directly.

Any gold and loot that you claim as your own can be used to upgrade the weapons you use. Another new addition is the ability to fuse different weapons together in order to evolve and level-up your favorite items.

If you’re into friend code trading, TouchArcade forums are packed to the gills with people dropping their friend codes for other people to add.

Key highlights:

  • Single-player campaign through 5 Realms and countless dungeons. While seeking vengeance for your forsaken, embark on an immersive journey as our spirit-imbued hero through the five shattered realms, and become known as the most notorious Bounty Hunter of them all.
  • Co-operative gameplay: Hire your friends or other players as Allies to help you on your journey of vengeance and bounty hunting.
  • Asynchronous multiplayer: Customize your Stronghold with a large variety of creatures, manage and defend it, and raid opponents’ Strongholds to ravage their loot.
  • Daily and weekly events: Daily dungeons will reward your demon-killing skills with unique materials to evolve and fuse your gear, while weekly Wanted Challenges will require you to get on top of the leaderboard to get the best rewards.
  • Unrivaled hack ‘n’ slash action: Discover how the animations and controls have been revamped to deliver the most amazing combat moves and even more satisfying deaths.
  • Superior graphics: DH5 offers AAA graphics and intricate details to bring the game and story to life.

In addition to the iOS version, Dungeon Hunter 5 is also available for Android, Windows Phone and Windows platforms.

Note that this is a free-to-play game so you’ll have to cope with in-game advertising and optional In-App Purchases to buy virtual items and additional gems to boost your stats.

Download Dungeon Hunter 5 for free in the App Store.