How and why to use Hot Corners on Mac

After Mission Control debuted on the Mac, it seems like Hot Corners became more obscure. Perhaps that’s all in my mind, but I never seem to find anyone who actually uses these things anymore. That’s a shame, because the Hot Corner, in my opinion, is one of the most useful tools for using a Mac more efficiently. It speeds up my workflow significantly, and I could never imagine using macOS without them.

To me, Hot Corners are like the oil to my workflow. Yes you can get things done without them, but there’s a lot more friction when you don’t. Here’s how to use them, and here’s why you should be using them, too.

Hot Corners allow you to use the four corners of your Mac’s display as a trigger for invoking one of several configurable actions. For example, I have my bottom left Hot Corner configured to show me the desktop when I place my mouse pointer in that corner.

Why is this useful? Well, for one, it’s quicker than using a keyboard shortcut to do so, because a Hot Corner can be invoked with no more than a flick of the wrist. It’s also very reliable, and it’s guaranteed to work no matter where you are on your Mac. I know for a fact that whenever I place my mouse pointer in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, my desktop will instantly be displayed, every time.

So how do you set up Hot Corners? Well, I suggest that you watch the video above, because it gives a good explanation as to how, and why Hot Corners are so useful. But setting up Hot Corners is as simple as this.

Set up Hot Corners on Mac

1) Open the System Preferences.

2) Select Mission Control.

3) Click the Hot Corners button in the bottom left-hand corner.

4) Configure one or more of the four active screen corners using the drop-down boxes. You can also use the Shift, Control, Option, or Command buttons to force a combination of the keyboard command and the Hot Corner.

5) If you wish to remove an assignment for an active screen corner, assign it with a “-“, which will turn that active screen corner off.

The following commands are available to assign to any Hot Corner:

  • Mission Control
  • Application Windows
  • Desktop
  • Notification Center
  • Launchpad
  • Start Screen Saver
  • Disable Screen Saver
  • Put Display to Sleep
  • Lock Screen
Set Hot Corners on Mac

I love having this setup, because it provides me with so many quick controls that I can instantly execute just by moving my mouse. I seriously would hate to think about using macOS without these controls; it’s fantastic.

Do you use Hot Corners? If not, are you a believer now? Sound off down below with your thoughts and reasonings or ping us on Twitter.