Subdit: a random reddit browser


There is so much stuff on reddit that it’s sometimes hard to find new subreddits worth your interest. This is where Subdit comes in! The app allows you to browse a continuous stream of random subreddits, offering a good way to discover and maybe subscribe to subreddits you might not have found out about otherwise.

When launching the app, you will be presented with a random subreddit, including a short description, the number of subscribers and active readers, and a list of the latest submissions to the subreddit. If the subreddit you are showed doesn’t pique your interest, simply scroll down to the next one, or to the next one, until you find something worth your precious time. When you do, you can go directly to the link, or the comment page on reddit, which then loads in an in-app web browser.

The concept behind random subreddits isn’t new. The site created a /r/random button about 4 years ago, which when clicked takes you to a random reddit. As Subdit developer Joseph Gardner tells us, the app uses reddit’s public API to retrieve information about subreddits. Technically, it’s not that random, as it appears to cycle through a cached list of 5,000 non-private reddits, which should keep you busy for a while.

Subdit is free to use, although a $0.99 in-app purchase offers to unlock the whole app, allowing you to sign in with multiple accounts and subscribe to subreddits directly from the app. If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of content on reddit and don’t really know where to start, then Subdit should do the job. It’s really not a pretty app to use, but it is simple and to the point.