How to move multiple app icons and folders on your iPhone at the same time


MultiIconMover+ is the follow-up release to one of the most handy jailbreak tweaks from a purely practical standpoint. The original MultiIconMover provided an easy way to move multiple app icons from one SpringBoard page to another. MultiIconMover+ takes this same concept and adds several new handy features to the mix.

To use MultiIconMovier, simply place your device into wiggle mode, and tap on the app icons that you wish to move. Each icon that you tap will feature a move designation badge in its lower right-hand corner. You can also designate folders to be moved as well. After selecting all of the apps and folders that you wish to move, venture to the desired page, and press the Home button once to complete the move.

To configure MultiIconMover, you can use the preference panel found in the stock Settings app. Inside of the tweak’s preferences, you’ll find three sections: appearance, folders, and icons.

The appearance section allows you to designate the type of markers that appear on the app icons that you designate to move. You can choose checkmarks (default), or numbers, which will identify the order that each app icon is moved in.

MultiIconMover Preferences

The folders section features a switch that allows you to enable multi folder moving, along with a method for folder opening. You can choose between using a double tap or a single tap again to open a folder, since a normal single tap will mark it for movement.

Lastly, there’s the icons section, which allows you to toggle same page moving on, and page overflowing. You can also use this section to designate where icons are moved to—the bottom or top of a page—once you invoke MultiIconMover.

If you’ve never used MultiIconMover, you seriously owe it to yourself to check out one of the most practical and well-implemented tweaks in jailbreak history. It makes a task that is at best annoying, so much more pleasurable. Sebastien summed it up perfectly when he said it was actually “fun” to use.

MultiIconMover+ is $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you’d rather not pay any money, you can download the non-plus version of the tweak, which doesn’t come with as many features.

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