BlueSkyMe for iPad debuts: manage your time, relationships and projects

BlueSkyMe 1.0 for ios iPad screenshot 002

The App Store has some tremendously useful apps to get the most out of your busy schedule, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a single app to manage your contacts, mails, reminders and calendars and activities instead of a fiddling with a multitude of different applications from multiple devs?

Now there is: BlueSkyMe by Dynamic Elements. The iPad productivity app gives you a comprehensive outlook of your time, relationships and projects in one place.

With BlueSkyMe, you can collect your activities, projects, contacts and email, as well as manage projects and tasks on your tablet, using a beautifully designed interface.

BlueSkyMe 1.0 for ios iPad screenshot 001

For starters, it syncs with iOS Reminders, Calendar and Contacts apps so all your existing tasks, to-dos and contacts will automatically appear in BlueSkyMe. Any changes made to any of these items will automatically sync back to their corresponding iOS apps, and vice versa.

BlueSkyMe 1.0 for ios iPad screenshot 004

Not only can you drag and drop various times to plan what, where and with who you need to get things done, but also share and delegate activities and project tasks with your contacts, making BlueSkyMe a great productivity tool with a strong focus on collaboration.

BlueSkyMe 1.0 for ios iPad screenshot 003

Inbox, Today and Week views let you zero in on a specific project or get a broader picture of your tasks, especially in the endlessly scrolling Week view. A built-in map shows you locations of your activities and contacts assigned to projects.

With BlueSkyMe, it’s easy to send and receive email from multiple email accounts, email any record as an attachment and even create meeting agendas and then email minutes of the meeting to everyone involved.

BlueSkyMe highlights:

  • Activity management, project management, and contact management
  • Sync with iOS Reminders, Calendar and Contacts apps
  • Send and receive email from multiple email accounts
  • Drag & drop view for planning and organiszing activities
  • Today view with the day’s activities, contacts, projects, and map pins of activity and contact locations
  • Scrolling week view
  • Share records as e-mail attachments
  • Delegate activities and projects
  • Create activity checklists
  • Create meeting agendas and email Minutes of the Meeting
  • Inbox view to view and quickly process activities and email
  • Quick entry activities

The app is available at no cost through the weekend (after that, it’ll be a paid download) so give it a try now and let us know what you think down in the comments.

The iPad-only download weighs in at 17.1 megabytes and requires iOS 7.1 or later.

Grab BlueSkyMe in the App Store now.